Bora Bora 2005.10.24

Bora Bora 2005.10.24
Bora Bora 2005.10.24 ©2005 Mark Phillips

Friday, November 10, 2017

The Comfort of Known Quantities

The buses' air conditioners sound like beehives. Appropriate: tourists spill and mill like lost insects, searching for the comfort of known quantities. Landmarks, food, condiments, language: something familiar to anchor themselves to and drag around like stones.

These are religious. Church groups on package excursions to the places of the Bible. Here, old Corinth, a wealthy city whose bones now bleach under hot October sun.

The museum says Corinth grew wealthy through trade. They have amphorae from Carthage as documentation. Pausanias says otherwise: the city's wealth originated with the exploitation of thousands of prostitutes, where New Testament Corinth was the Pattaya of its day, a prime destination for sex tourism.

Mark Phillips, "Corinth", (2017)
Mark Phillips, Corinth (2017)


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